Hermès Chaine d’ancre Twist Cœur Rose Gold Diamond Brooch

Replica Hermes Jewelry

The world famous three jewelry brands Cartier, Hermes, Bvlgari are every woman dream of UF. Cartier elegant atmosphere, Bvlgari noble and luxurious, hermes visibility. To have a Replica Bvlgari Jewelry and Hermes brooch pride, which is the favorite female Hermes brooch. Recently hermes launched a new brooch, and this brooch will be all girls want to have.
This brooch is Hermès 2017 launched the new series of Chaîne d’Ancre, punk style of the Safety Pin as the theme. Designers with rose gold inlaid diamonds, with a light chain as a decoration, this popular in the 70-80 era of decorative elements re-interpretation of refined and elegant style.

Replica Hermes
Brooch body for the rose gold material, by a pin and a short chain composition. The pin is rounded with a slightly curved outline, and the wall is mosaiced by nearly 200 rounds of diamonds – in such a small space to complete the diamond pavement requires exquisite craftsmanship and enough patience, slender buckle just used to hold the whole brooch The
Short chain from nearly 20 rose gold chain buckle connected to each other, hanging at the ends of the pin, the chain design in the clever into the Hermès iconic anchor chain shape, embellished 3 bright round diamonds, with the wearer’s gesture flashing With a bright fire.