My favorite Bvlgari Parentesi bracelet

Replica Bvlgari Jewelry
Every jewelry has his unique charm. How to choose the right jewelry is very learned. I personally like Bulgari jewelry very much. Bulgari Jewellery has a unique fascination for me. Bulgari Parentesi Bracelet is my favorite a pieces of jewelry. This jewelry is my favorite jewelry so far.
When I was just working, I liked the replica Bvlgari jewlery, and slowly I started to like the Bulgari Parentesi bracelet. That’s why I like this bracelet.
This bracelet comes from Bvlgari’s Parentesi series, inspired by the most remarkable achievement of the ancient Romans-the Roman road, with its geometric hollow pattern, symbolizing the close-fit stones on the Roman road.
As early as more than 2000 years ago, the ancient Romans tried to use the sidewalk layout of the bricks to adopt modular design, the formation of a jigsaw puzzle generally close fit structure. The seams of the two stone bricks are slightly curved, and the convex and concave parts coincide so that the connection of the bricks is more solid.
In 1982, Bulgari first attempted this modular splicing in the design, because the arc design between the Slits and the “(” symbol is similar, this series is named “parentesi”, in the Italian language for the “brackets” meaning.)
The bracelet is made of platinum and decorated with diamonds. Slightly arched shape of the arc, soften the geometric hollow pattern of the blunt atmosphere. In order to preserve the perfect symmetry of the bracelet, Bulgari cleverly combines the clasp and the production of the movable joint with the geometric hollow pattern to conceal them.
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