Replica Bvlgari Bracelet Yellow Gold

Replica Bvlgari Jewelry

If i choose one of my favorite jewelry. Then I will choose the gold made of bracelets. Gold is a lot of jewelry like to choose, on behalf of this luxury and noble. And Bvlgari launched 2017 gold bracelet to make this bracelet more attractive.
This gold bracelet comes from Replica Bvlgari Jewelry 2017 Blue Book Premium Jewelry – The Art of the Wild, with Leaves of the Sun. Designers with sandfare stone, yellow sapphire embellished with slender palm leaves, gently around the wrist, as with the vitality of the general.
The whole work is made up of more than 20 palm leaves, with a gold outline of the natural streamline, slightly pendulous leaves are staggered to create vivid details, the back of the bracelet can see the palm leaf cascade Of the complex structure, the need for jewelers patiently sort out the growth of each leaf level and curvature.
In order to make the palm leaves more full of three-dimensional, the designer in the blade design using a double row mosaic structure, two gemstone slopes were slightly tilted slope. Leaves root inlaid with bright green sandfrey stone, leaves a little gradual transition to small particles of yellow sapphire, imitating the natural gradient of palm leaf tones.

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