My favorite Bvlgari Parentesi bracelet

Replica Bvlgari Jewelry
Every jewelry has his unique charm. How to choose the right jewelry is very learned. I personally like Bulgari jewelry very much. Bulgari Jewellery has a unique fascination for me. Bulgari Parentesi Bracelet is my favorite a pieces of jewelry. This jewelry is my favorite jewelry so far.
When I was just working, I liked the replica Bvlgari jewlery, and slowly I started to like the Bulgari Parentesi bracelet. That’s why I like this bracelet.
This bracelet comes from Bvlgari’s Parentesi series, inspired by the most remarkable achievement of the ancient Romans-the Roman road, with its geometric hollow pattern, symbolizing the close-fit stones on the Roman road.
As early as more than 2000 years ago, the ancient Romans tried to use the sidewalk layout of the bricks to adopt modular design, the formation of a jigsaw puzzle generally close fit structure. The seams of the two stone bricks are slightly curved, and the convex and concave parts coincide so that the connection of the bricks is more solid.
In 1982, Bulgari first attempted this modular splicing in the design, because the arc design between the Slits and the “(” symbol is similar, this series is named “parentesi”, in the Italian language for the “brackets” meaning.)
The bracelet is made of platinum and decorated with diamonds. Slightly arched shape of the arc, soften the geometric hollow pattern of the blunt atmosphere. In order to preserve the perfect symmetry of the bracelet, Bulgari cleverly combines the clasp and the production of the movable joint with the geometric hollow pattern to conceal them.

Bvlgari MVSA Rhyme colored gemstone necklace

Replica Bvlgari Jewelry

Antique jewelry prices have been very expensive, often a jewelry will be tens of millions. Is a lot of collectors are scrambling to collect jewelry. Collectors favorite collection of jewelry is antique jewelry, such as Bvlgari Jewelry is a very valuable collection, and many collectors are very fond of.
Bvlgari at the Paris Antique Biennale in 2014 launched this Rhyme necklace, inspired by the ancient Greek mythology in charge of poetry goddess MVSA, 5 colored treasure main stone are rounded arc cutting, a symbol of the beauty of poetry harmony.
The main stone colors cover yellow, pink, green, purple, blue, with excellent clarity and saturation, each gem are more than 70 carats. One of the largest is the weight of 128.65 karats of olivine, a pink tourmaline also reached 94.67 karats.

Replica Bvlgari Necklace
This Bvlgari Jewelry is currently in the market price of the treasure. The collection value is very high. Designer clever design of this necklace, so that this necklace more classic. 2016 Bvlgari Jewelry also specifically for this necklace launched Replica Bvlgari Jewelry series. Only introduced 10 models. Early sales finished.
Designers with a simple chain design with gemstones, the main stone between the use of Choi Po flat beads separated, decorated on both sides of the bright cut diamonds, rich levels of detail.
If there is no one jewelry and this Replica Bvlgari Necklace to like to match, I think the current market is not, because this jewelry has the characteristics of women to show the dripping delicate. So far no necklace can go beyond this jewelry.

Bvlgari Sapphire Flower Earring

Replica Bvlgari Earrings
Bvlgari has long been synonymous with luxury, and almost all of the girls have a unique fondness for Bulgari jewellery. The feeling of Bulgari jewelry is very luxurious, not a pieces of jewelry are used a lot of gems and diamonds. And Bulgari has a very high level of craftsmanship on gems. Before the introduction of the A replica Bvlgari earrings is very attractive.
This pair of earrings from the Bvlgari 2011 released Sapphire flower Jewelry series, to flower modelling for the design, with the help of color sapphire colorful color presents the beauty of nature.
Replica Bvlgari Jewelry
Bvlgari Choose a similar color, the size of the colored sapphire to create the two incomplete symmetry of the ear pendant, subtle differences and bright colors highlight the flowers of the playful and vitality. Earrings are a total of 10 pear-shaped cut color sapphire to show the petals of flowers, warm colors of color sapphire let us feel the nature of the spring scenery, but also exudes the feminine elegant romantic atmosphere. The center of the petals is surrounded by a round bright cut diamond symbol of the stamens, with a diamond bright color to foil the colorful sapphire rich color.
Earrings using 18K gold production, the designer in order to echo the whole work of the playful design style, using two of different shapes of the ring ring as a part of the ear nail is connected to one of the petals, and decorated with small size of the diamond dot.
Bulgari’s expensive price makes it unaffordable for many people to buy. But in Google we can find very many replica Bvlgari jewelry. This kind of jewelry has a very high production process, almost no difference from genuine. I am a very keen replica Bvlgari jewelry. and Sapphire Flower Jewelry series can also find high imitation jewelry in Google.

My favorite jewelry for life – Replica Bvlgari Jewelry

Replica Bvlgari Jewelry

If God intends to give you a jewelry for you, let you choose a favorite jewelry. What jewelry would you choose? If it were me, I would choose Bvlgari Jewelry. If that is your choice? Why would I choose Bvlgari jewelry? Because my first jewelry is to buy Replica Bvlgari Jewelry. So many years to accompany me through my youth years, so I have been very concerned about the latest developments in Bulgari jewelry. Recently Replica Bvlgari Jewelry launched a new DIVA series. This jewelry cleverly Bvlgari jewelry features into the jewelry, decorated with a variety of precious stones, making the whole jewelry is very beautiful.
This pair of platinum earrings is Bvlgari this year launched the Diva series of new products, in the fan-shaped outline and cleverly embedded in the fan pattern, turquoise, onyx with diamonds, showing a rich sense of hierarchy.
Diva series of iconic fan-shaped pattern originated in Baths of Caracalla, which is the Roman Empire’s second largest public baths, the use of fan-shaped as the ground, walls, ceiling decorative patterns, will be different colors of stone closely arranged Mosaic effect.
The designer divides the earrings into upper and lower sectors with a diamonds, in which the studs are inlaid with turquoise, with slightly radian polish showing a three-dimensional shape of the fan; the earrings are sketched out at different levels , Respectively, inlaid onyx agglomerate, turquoise, reminiscent of the caravan bath on the rich color of the fan-shaped pattern, small bright cut diamonds and mosaic-style rows of echoes.
Regardless of the production process or design, Replica Bvlgari Jewelry is always able to surprise me. Luxury jewelry has always been my favorite, and Replica Bvlgari Jewelry fully meet these requirements, so I deeply fell in love with this jewelry.

Hermès Chaine d’ancre Twist Cœur Rose Gold Diamond Brooch

Replica Hermes Jewelry

The world famous three jewelry brands Cartier, Hermes, Bvlgari are every woman dream of UF. Cartier elegant atmosphere, Bvlgari noble and luxurious, hermes visibility. To have a Replica Bvlgari Jewelry and Hermes brooch pride, which is the favorite female Hermes brooch. Recently hermes launched a new brooch, and this brooch will be all girls want to have.
This brooch is Hermès 2017 launched the new series of Chaîne d’Ancre, punk style of the Safety Pin as the theme. Designers with rose gold inlaid diamonds, with a light chain as a decoration, this popular in the 70-80 era of decorative elements re-interpretation of refined and elegant style.

Replica Hermes
Brooch body for the rose gold material, by a pin and a short chain composition. The pin is rounded with a slightly curved outline, and the wall is mosaiced by nearly 200 rounds of diamonds – in such a small space to complete the diamond pavement requires exquisite craftsmanship and enough patience, slender buckle just used to hold the whole brooch The
Short chain from nearly 20 rose gold chain buckle connected to each other, hanging at the ends of the pin, the chain design in the clever into the Hermès iconic anchor chain shape, embellished 3 bright round diamonds, with the wearer’s gesture flashing With a bright fire.

My first Replica Bvlgari Jewelry

Among the many jewelry, there is a jewelry for me is the most significant. This is my first purchase of jewelry. Now I still remember. Now I have bought a lot of jewelry, such as Cartier jewelry, Bulgari jewelry. But for me the most important jewelry or I bought the first jewelry. This is a Replica Bvlgari Jewelry, so far I still keep.
This Replica Bvlgari bracelet is Hermès in the 2016 series of high-level jewelry series of works, inspired by the carriage wheel, this bracelet is the Greek mythology in the golden chariot named. “The center of the wheel” is a pink opal, surrounded by radiation-shaped diamond spokes, with a gold substrate reminiscent of the bright sun.
Bracelet bracelet wall using double-layer structure – the top layer is a pillow-shaped cut opal, was a gentle pink tone, the outer side of the rim was also pinched outline, alternating alternately inlaid with rounded trapezoidal and round cut diamonds, imitation The rotation of the wheels of the visual effects, the end of the wheel of champagne topa as the finishing touch; bracelet inner layer is a micro-arc of the gold, fit the outline of the wrist, while the main particles for large particles set inlaid Space, avoid scratching the skin.
The back of the bracelet can also see a pillow-shaped rim, the center is a smaller pillow pink opal, surrounded by a round of bright round diamonds, and pink stone main stone echoes.
Some people say that a beautiful jewelry is always able to give people enough confidence, and I just because of the purchase of Replica Bvlgari Jewelry, only I found the confidence I want. Since then I have learned the importance of jewelry for me.

Bvlgari Bvlgari fine jewelry series

Replica Bvlgari Jewelry

Famous jewelry design master in France recently helped Bvlgari design a new high-level jewelry. This high-level master of the prototype from the Bvlgari Bvlgari series, on the basis of crowded with more decoration, so that this jewelry is more luxurious and more attractive.
This piece of Tanzanite pendant necklace from Bvlgari 2017 high-level jewelry series – Bvlgari Bvlgari, to Feathered Cloak as the theme, shaping the birds flying in the rain forest of the vivid scenes, golden bird feathers and blue violet Tanzanite formation sharp contrast.
This Replica Bvlgari Jewelry selected a high-level gem, so that the entire jewelry embellished into a vivid birds. This bird represents the design concept of Bvlgari’s pursuit of freedom. The selection of Tanzanite is also carefully selected. If you want me to say that this jewelry is the most set and collection of jewelry.
The main stone of the center of the pendant is a 11.99ct pillow-shaped cut tanzan stone, from different angles to enjoy the blue and purple two different colors, reminiscent of light and shadow changes under the jungle.
The main stone ends around the two wings of the winged birds, slender golden feathers from the gradient of diamonds inlaid – wings are high saturation of the yellow diamond, the tail is the transition to colorless diamonds, diamond fire color bright Gorgeous; bird’s head made of gold hand-polished, embellished with a round sapphire inlaid eyes.
The most complex is the background of the rain forest background, the designer in particular the use of double gemstones structure, creating a three-dimensional sense of space – the top with platinum inlaid diamonds, sketched out the staggered branches, Diamond leaves; the bottom of the pendant can be seen round sapphire substrate, and Tanzanite stone main blue and purple tone echoes.

Bvlgari first introduced a replica Serpenti bracelet

Replica Bvlgari Jewelry

In recent years, Bvlgari every year will launch new jewelry. And each launch of the new jewelry are not a good reputation, but Bvlgari Serpenti class jewelry more popular. This design master of the Italian designer has always been very fond of women, in many magazines we can see. And recently Bvlgari in order to increase the sales volume of the Replica Bvlgari Jewelry. This copy of the jewelry is Serpenti category of the most hot one of the class. In order to open the brand’s sales.
This platinum bracelet from Bvlgari iconic Serpenti series, using double-loop design, with abstract geometric modeling out of the snake Smart gesture. Snake body with a small link from the chain, the perfect fit wrist contours, meticulous diamond mosaic showing a snake scales shine.
The late 1940s, Bvlgari produced the first snake-like watch, the dial hidden in the snake head, bracelet is used Tubogas process, imitation of the snake body position. Serpenti jewelry will be inspired by this way through the articulation to show the winding snake body.
This is the first time bvlgari launched Replica Bvlgari Jewelry. For the first time using a large number of diamonds made of diamonds like snakes scales, so that the whole jewelry lifelike. This bracelet consists of nearly 50 links, the designer with a full diamond mosaic as a snake scale decoration, each chain are neatly inlaid with 9 bright cut diamonds. In order to improve the comfort of wearing bracelets, the designer also for each section of the inner wall of the hollow design, as the snake neat lines.
The release of Replica Bvlgari Serpenti will allow more people who love this jewelry to buy, before the launch of this jewelry limited. And this launch of this jewelry will not be limited sales, which for the love of this jewelry is a good thing.

Bvlgari launches Festa Premium Jewelry

Replica Bvlgari Jewelry

Every year Bvlgari will introduce new high-level jewelry. This year’s launch of the high-level jewelry is Festa, Festa made with a new process made of. The first use of enamel to make, before the enamel process are generally used in Replica Bvlgari Jewelry, the use of the Festa, gives a bright spot.
Bvlgari has just launched a new season of fine jewelry works – Festa, with colorful gems and enamel craft to show the theme of the festival. It is composed of three series: Tradizione represents the Italian traditional celebration of the horse racing festival and the carnival; the Festa interprets the femininity of the Italian aristocrat; Infazia is full of lovely elements such as childlike, embellished cakes, balloons, gift boxes and other childhood parties.
Unlike the Replica Bvlgari Jewelry. Festa’s color is more rich, and joined the gem of embellishment, precious stones and enamel combination, so that the whole jewelry more with a festive atmosphere. Suitable for wearing in a variety of major festivals is also very valuable collection.
Tradizione draws inspiration from traditional Italian festivals, dances and gourmet cuisine, such as Palio di Siena’s themed necklace, with 17 gems to show the 17 badges of the team; the culinary theme of the works can be seen in the most interested in Italian cuisine Spices “chili”, the jeweler in particular the red tourmaline, amethyst cut into sharp corners with the arc shape, with olivine and green tourmaline carved leaves.
Festa is the new gem set in the most gorgeous series, each piece of jewelry to an important Italian royal or aristocratic women as the theme – a pendant necklace to Napoleon sister Paolina Borghese wedding crown tribute, the main stone for a 180.98ct Burmese sapphire; Elizabeth Taylor 40-year-old birthday gift for the long necklace is a mosaic of 59.11ct of the Colombian emerald.
Infazia is “childhood” in Italian, the designer through the gift boxes, snow bales, cakes, locomotives and other elements full of playful to create a lovely and moving jewelry. Cartoon style gift pendant, shiny vintage snow pad popsicles, you can see the arc cut gem and colorful enamel is how to complete these juvenile works of art.
Design inspiration from pepper, mosaic arc cut red tourmaline and amethyst, leaves for carving green tourmaline and olivine, dotted with small round diamonds.

Bvlgari Serpenti Viper Ring Series

Replica Bvlgari Jewelry

Bvlgari is the most famous jewelry Serpenti class jewelery. This jewelry has always been a very synonymous with charm. Using the snake as a design inspiration. In the United States, many people are very frightened about snakes, but Replica Bvlgari Jewelry cleverly designed the snake as a jewelry, but won the US consumer recognition. Bvlgari Serpenti has now launched watches, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings. One of the most distinctive is the watch. And recently launched the Viper ring is also very representative.
Bvlgari has just launched Serpenti snake-like jewelry in the new season works – Vicker Ring, the series name means “snake”, highlight the “snake scales” color and texture. New inlaid diamonds, red coral and mother of pearl constitute snake scales, and gold scales alternately connected as a complete ring, reminiscent of the temptation of the color snake scales.
Serpenti Viper’s ring-up simplifies the Serpenti bracelet table in the iconic snake-like bracelet design – outside the wall can see 12 to 14 trapezoidal snake scales connected in turn, showing a three-dimensional natural contour; inner wall is polished A smooth ring, fit on your fingers. Simple design for everyday wear.
This Replica Bvlgari Rings cleverly designs diamonds as a snake scale, and the ring is designed as a section with a ferocious snake. The launch of the ring with rose gold and platinum two, I personally feel that rose gold is more suitable for women to wear.
Ring new to provide platinum, rose gold two kinds of material – Platinum Edition inlaid small round diamond and gray mother of pearl; rose gold with diamonds, red coral and white mother of pearl. Designers will be diffe