There is a classic brooch called Replica Bvlgari

Fake Bvlgari Jewelry

Replica Bvlgari launched this brooch in the newly released Blue Book Premium Jewelry series this year, the most surprising of which is the presentation of the details of the features – you can see at the end of the octopus bracelet in a row of diamonds , Imitate the natural round sucker; pearl below also mosaic two pear-shaped sapphire, as the octopus of the two eyes.
The Replica Bvlgari Jewelry selected this Baroque pearl size of 28 × 24mm, the surface can see the natural “iridescence” gloss. Designers will be pearl inlaid at the top of the brooch, slightly undulating ellipsoidal outline reminiscent of octopus head shape, and the body part of the natural connection. Inspired by the octopus in the “octopus”. The designer for the octopus of each bracelet are produced a separate curled shape, so the gem inlaid position also need to be based on the surface of the undulating design, but also increased the difficulty of the mosaic process, a naturally formed “Baroque pearl” mosaic For the octopus’s head, curled brains are decorated with diamonds, showing octopus natural and soft body.
Baroque Pearl is an irregularly shaped pearl, which is more common in freshwater pearls. This gem in the natural growth process to form a unique shape, giving the jewelry designer a broader imagination, you can in the birds of the abdomen, dancers skirt, swaying Gondola to see the different shapes Baroque pearl.
Octopus brains with blue and white color, the prototype for living in the Pacific West coast of Blue-ringed Octopus, background colorless diamond paved with blue ring pattern from the sapphire to outline.

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